otomo is selected as a multilingual tour guide company for the ”Hakata Old Town Project“


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otomo is selected as a multilingual tour guide company for the ”Hakata Old Town Project“.
In addition to making tour plans with the cooperation of Fukuoka, training courses will be held for guides.
~ In April 2019, tour plan reservations and guide registration will commence in Fukuoka. ~

otomo Inc., a private tour service operating for inbound travelers (location: Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo. Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka) has been selected as a multilingual tour guide company for the “Hakata Old Town Project” of Fukuoka City. In addition to expanding the service area in Fukuoka prefecture, April 2019, we will promote various initiatives with Fukuoka city to improve the travel experience of tourists visiting from overseas.

Service Overview

otomo Inc. officially released its service in January 2019. We have over 200 tours plans and over 400 registered guides covering 8 prefectures of Japan. The service area will be expanded to Fukuoka Prefecture in April 2019, and we will start accepting guide registrations and tour reservations. A total of 4 types of tour plan, a total of 14 tour plans, have been created in the Hakata Old Town project in Fukuoka prefecture in cooperation with Fukuoka City. In addition to tour plans, we will start an “Inbound guide training course” with Fukuoka City, as well as promotions of Fukuoka City to overseas travelers.

Tour Plan Overview

We offer a diverse range of tour plans to meet the individual needs of tourists. All tour plans are created through conduction of field surveys.
[Hakata Old Town Tour Plan]

  • A tour to observe the craftsman ship of Hakata traditional crafts and experience creating Hakata-ori and painting of dolls. (Hakata/4.5 hours)
  • A tour to taste udon, tea and sake of Hakata. Tour the roots of Japanese food culture. (Hakata/5.0hours)

[Fukuoka Prefecture Representative Tour Plans]

  • A tour to cross the islands by boat and cycle through magnificent straits and retro port towns. (Mojo/6 hours)
  • A tour of an island full of cats, enjoy the islands strange old ruins and taste the exquisite seafood. (Ainoshima/6 hours)

Plans on a map

[Inbound Tourism Guide Training Course] (held in cooperation with Fukuoka City)

A training course will be held to train guides to guide travelers visiting Japan from abroad.
Location: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka City Hall
Date: 27th May (Mon) – 9th June (Sun) 2019. A total of 8 sessions (1 session is 2 days = 6 hours)
Maximum registration number: 25 people per session (total of 200 people)
※ lottery selection will be held if there is registration over 200 people.
Participant requirements: Foreign language skills over day to day communication, and a will to work as a guide
How to apply: Enter the required information from the website below.
Registration Closing Date: 6th May (Mon) 2019

About otomo

otomo is a private tour service to enrich travel experience in Japan. Service is centralised around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Nara and Hyogo with over 200 tour plans. Tours are conducted in 4 languages, English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean and we have over 300 registered guides on our platform (as of April 2019). Anyone can be a tour guide on our platform regardless, occupation or nationality as long as they have a language skill, both Japanese and other languages, and aged over 18 years old.
Reservation Page:https://otomo-travel.com/en
Tour guide Registration Page:https://guide.otomo-travel.com/

[Past Releases]

First Release Official Service Release – Over 150 tour plans in the Kanto area (January 22, 2019)
Second Release Introduction Program Release – Up to 300,000 yen worth of rewards and bonus for 100 introductions(February 5, 2019)
Third Release Comprehensive Insurance Contract with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance – Provide insurance free to travelers and guides(February 19, 2019)
Forth Release Expands service to the Kansai area. otomo service is now available in 8 prefectures, with over 200 service plans (March 6, 2019)

Company Overview

Company Name: otomo Inc.
Location: Mitomi Building 3F, Hongo 3-13-3, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka (CEO)
Founded: April 2017
Capital Stock: 107,000,000 JPY(including Legal Capital Surplus)
Business: Private tour service for inbound travelers, Design/Consulting business
Registration: Travel Agent License (No.3-7570) registered by Tokyo Metropolitan Government


otomo Inc. (Person in Charge: Kitagawa / Otani)
[TEL]+81 3-6876-6003