Regarding ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism four-party partnership agreement


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Regarding ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism four-party partnership agreement
– Chiba Prefecture Isumi City has chosen as a model city for expanding the idea of Gastronomy Tourism –

ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association (location: Minato-Ku, Tokyo. Representative: Masato Ogawa), ANA Strategic Research Institute CO., LTD., (location: Minato-Ku, Tokyo. Representative: Akira Okada) which takes charge of its management, otomo Inc. (location: Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo. Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka) and Chiba Prefecture Isumi City conclude a four-party partnership agreement with the aim of strengthening the system for dealing with international tourists in order to become ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism more popular.


This agreement aims to promote tourism and revitalize the area. We will strengthen the reception system for international tourists, which has been dramatically increasing in recent years, in order to promote further dissemination and enlightenment of ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism and regional resources, such as hot springs and food culture in the area, by utilizing people who lives in the area so that we are able to achieve the goal.
ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association, founded in September 2016, has hosted a total of 40 walking events across Japan (ONSEN-Gastronomy Walking) to enjoy hot springs, gourmet and cultural history (as of March 2019). Over 9,000 people have participated to date and have a high reputation with a satisfaction rate of 96% by participants.*1
This event has been held twice in Isumi City. The second event has attracted over 600 people, the largest event to date. Various gourmets, including local seafood, and local Sake was highly popular.

ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association was nominated as one of the business aiming to local activation by Japan Tourism Agency in last year. With the cooperation of Isumi City, the association has developed a plan to enjoy ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism any time of the year, by utilizing the inbound private tour service “otomo” as the first case in Japan.

This time, as the first project, we are going to implement the following two activities as a model case in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture.

  • Designing tour plans in Isumi city which enable the tourists to enjoy ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism all year round.
    Providing tour service and strengthening promotional activities for international tourists at the same time.
  • Holding [Inbound Tourism Guide Training Course] for the purpose of educating basic knowledge and skills necessary for guiding international travelers, targeting those who wish to conduct tour guide activities and people in facilities that interact with international travelers.

Part of tour destinations included in Isumi City tour plans.

About ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism Association

Gastronomy tourism is a tourism that aims to get in touch with the local nature of food and the attractiveness of the region’s natural and historical background and is implemented in countries around the world, mainly in the United States.
We add “hot spring” here as a new type of experience called “ONSEN & Gastronomy Tourism”.
The hot spring areas are currently just a place that simply enjoys the hot spring, but it can be more attractive for tourist to stay.
We will develop the area attractiveness so that we can boost tourism promotional activities and regional activation.

About otomo

otomo is a private tour service to enrich travel experience in Japan. Service is centralised 9 main cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Nara, Fukuoka and Hyogo) with over 200 tour plans.
Tours are conducted in 4 languages, English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean and we have over 400 registered guides on our platform (as of 2019/05).

About ANA Strategic Research Institute CO., LTD.

We have been conducting regional revitalization and tourism promotion to develop long-term air flights service demand, researching on measures to expand local people interaction with international people, developing their human resources and business ideas to utilize the know-how in the ANA group, utilizing the knowledge and network accumulated in the ANA group to develop the airport business and other related business since April 2006. We are working on themes that open up the future with a fresh and huge scale of business ideas.

About Isumi City

Located in the southeastern part of Chiba prefecture, blessed with high-quality agricultural and marine products grown in rich satoyama and satoumi (natural and local atmospheric mountains and sea).
It takes about 70 minutes by express train from Tokyo Station, and the city nominated the “Best Countryside to Live” No. 1 in the metropolitan area. Currently, Isumi city promotes town development project by implementing food culture introduction as a basic activity in order to boost their local industrial economy, to increase international visitors and to be gain their attractiveness by introducing local food culture.

Contact Information

ANA Strategic Research Institute CO., LTD. Japan Regional Activation ONSEN Gastronomy Team Motohashi TEL:050-3756-6700
otomo Inc. Promotion Dept. Otani TEL:03-6876-6003
Chiba Prefecture Isumi City Government Fisheries Industry Division Ishii TEL:0470-62-1119

*1 The percentage of respondents who answered “very satisfied” or “satisfied” to the question about the event satisfaction which is a total of 24 event participants (approximately 5,900 people) held during the year 2018.