Private tour service “otomo” launches “Unique Experience Japan”


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Private tour service “otomo” collaborates with several travel media to launch “Unique Experience Japan” project. It promotes new ways of enjoying Japan to international travelers.
~ Contributing to the improvement of travel experience for tourists, whilst promoting regional tourism by creating new touristic content ~

otomo Inc. a private tour service for inbound travelers (Location: Bunkyo-Ku, Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka, hereinafter referred to as “the company”) collaborates with Walker Media of KADOKAWA group to launch “Unique Experience Japan” project. This includes Japan Traveler, a media targeted for Taiwanese travelers, several travel media aimed at inbound travelers, and to promote ways of enjoying Japan to inbound travelers.
Further Details:https://otomo-travel.com/en/s/unique_experience_japan/


Along with the recent increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan, the number of tourists revisiting Japan more than once is increasing. More than 31 million tourists are visiting Japan annually, out of this 61.4%, about 17.6 million tourists, are revisiting Japan. Furthermore, 1 out of 10 people will be heavy repeaters, having visited Japan more than 10 times. There is a need for diverse ways and content to enjoy Japan. The “Unique Experience Project,” starting August 2019, is a new way to discover Japan through the collaboration of private tour service for inbound travelers “otomo” and travel media to Japan. We will introduce unique model plans created by otomo once every 2 weeks. Through this project, we aim to create and share new tourism content, contribute to the improvement of travel service for inbound travelers and the promotion of regional tourism.

「Unique Experience Japan」 theme examples

Japan is the world’s third largest island country, and there are over 7,000 islands. Let’s go around the islands of Japan, including a deserted island which can be visited one hour from Tokyo or an island full of cats.
Sake, shochu, beer, whiskey, wine, and various liquors are produced in various locations across Japan. Let’s experience the diversity of Japanese sake culture and sake making.
Hope tourism
Japan experienced a huge scale of war and natural disaster in the past. You can touch and feel what the Japanese have learned from such experience.

Media collaboration

“Japan Walker”
Japan Walker is Taiwan’s only travel web magazine specializing in Japan, operated by Walker Media of the KADOKAWA group. Japan Walker offers travel information in Japan for Taiwanese who love Japan or want to enjoy travel in Japan. As the number of Taiwanese travelers to Japan has been increasing, the media focuses on tour destinations, restaurants, shopping, and other travel-related information.
URL: www.japanwalker.com.tw

About otomo

otomo is a private tour service to enrich travel experience in Japan. We provide high-quality private tour service to international travelers through the creation of tour plans which utilize local tourism resources and the development of local tour guides. Service is centralized around main cities in Japan with over 200 tour plans. Tours are conducted in 4 languages, English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean and we have over 500 registered guides on our platform (as of 2019/07).
Reservation Page: https://otomo-travel.com/ko

Company Overview

Company Name: otomo Inc.
Mitomi Building 3F, Hongo 3-13-3, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka (CEO)
Founded: April 2017
Capital Stock: 107,000,000 JPY(inclduing Legal Capital Surplus)
Business: Private tour service for inbound travelers, Design/Consulting business
Registration: Travel Agent Licence (No.3-7570) registered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
URL: https://otomo-inc.com/ko/


otomo Inc. (Person in Charge: Kitagawa / Otani)
[MAIL] press@otomo-travel.com
[TEL] +81-3-6876-6003