Japan Welcome Campaign for Rugby Fans! You can book a private tour of the places where the rugby matches are held.


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Japan Welcome Campaign for Rugby Fans!
You can book a private tour of the places where the rugby matches are held.
~20% OFF for all the 300 tour plans in 15 main cities in Japan~

otomo Inc. has launched [Japan Welcome Campaign for Rugby Fans] from 17th September to 2nd November 2019. The company suggests tour plans around the area where the rugby matches are held and 20% OFF coupon offer on the campaign website during the season. The campaign enables the world’s rugby fans, who visit Japan, to fully enjoy during their stay.
Campaign Page:https://otomo-travel.com/en/s/rugby_2019


From September 2019, the biggest international rugby tournament will be held in Japan with 20 countries from around the world. A total of 48 games will be scheduled in 12 cities. It is expected that approximately 400,000 rugby fans from overseas visit Japan during the tournament and travel between cities where the match is held. otomo Inc. offers private tour service with over 300 unique tour plans in 15 main cities in Japan as well as tour guides who will guide you during the tour. Rugby fans will not only enjoy the tournament during their stay in Japan but also deepen the unique attractions of each city to enrich the travel experience and contribute to the promotion of local tourism triggered by international sporting events.

<Recommended Tour Plans>

  • [Hokkaido] A Cycling Tour to Eat All of the Iconic Sapporo Foods!
  • [Miyagi] Get Refreshed in and out, Whisky & Hot Springs in Sakunami!
  • [Saitama] Ogawamachi: The Land of Washi Paper and Sake Brewing
  • [Tokyo] Enjoy Your First Trip to Tokyo! All the Must-Sees Full Tour!
  • [Kanagawa] An Izakaya Experience and Glittering Night Views in Yokohama
  • [Aichi] Discover the Past to Future of Cars in Toyota, City of Cars
  • [Osaka] Experience the Most Full-of-Vibe Festival in Castle Town
  • [Kyoto] A Tour to Visit Classic Tourists Spots in Kyoto!
  • [Hyogo] Experience Hot Spring Culture of 1400 years – Arima Onsen
  • [Fukuoka] An Island Heaven of Cats. More Cats than Humans in Ainoshima

About otomo

otomo is a private tour service to enrich travel experience in Japan. Service is centralised around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Nara and Hyogo with over 200 tour plans. Tours are conducted in 4 languages, English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean and we have over 300 registered guides on our platform (as of 2019/04). Anyone can be a tour guide on our platform regardless, occupation or nationality as long as they have a language skill, both Japanese and other languages, and aged over 18 years old.
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Company Name: otomo Inc.
Location: Mitomi Building 3F, Hongo 3-13-3, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Japan Representative: Yuki Hiratsuka (CEO) Founded: April 2017 Capital Stock: 107,000,000 JPY(inclduing Legal Capital Surplus) Business: Private tour service for inbound travelers, Design/Consulting business Registration: Travel Agent Licence (No.3-7570) registered by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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