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Enrich travel and the community through a new style of travel

For a rich journey and society, the cooperation of various people are required.
In addition to providing services to travelers, otomo aims to focus on local issues and create intrinsic value.

Private Tour Business

Travel Only For You

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Unique landscapes not found in guidebooks.
Atmospheric scenes known only to local people.
No one knows a place better than those who live there.

People are an essential part of any type of travelling.
The best kinds of travel are those shared with others.
This is the fundamental concept of otomo.

We act as a bridge between travelers and local guides.
“Connecting people for richer experiences.”
otomo proposes a new style of traveling.

For a one-of-a-kind Travel Experience.

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Design Consulting Business

Suit Design For You

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There are plentiful resources in various locations in Japan.
We want to share that charm and depth with as many people.

We will discuss repeatedly to pursue the ultimate essence.
By creating a natural design that blends into the minds and lives of people, we will attract more people, energize Japan and the rest of the world.

Genuine creativity is sure to reach the world.

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