Private Tour Business “otomo”

Private Tour Business

It is a private tour service that introduces tour plans and guides around Japan for travelers visiting from abroad.
Today, more than 30 million travelers visit Japan each year from abroad. The needs of travelers diversify, and more guides are needed nationwide. After the revised interpreter guide professional law in 2018, it has become possible to engage in guide work without a national qualification.
We build a platform that acts as a guide to foreign language talents who live in various parts of Japan regardless of nationality, occupation or age. Providing a tour in a form that anyone can use, aiming to enrich the “travel experience.”

Brand Message

Travel Only For You

Unique landscapes not found in guidebooks.
Atmospheric scenes known only to local people.
No one knows a place better than those who live there.

People are an essential part of any type of travelling.
The best kinds of travel are those shared with others.
This is the fundamental concept of otomo.

We act as a bridge between travelers and local guides.
“Connecting people for richer experiences.”
otomo proposes a new style of traveling.

For a one-of-a-kind Travel Experience.

Value provided by otomo

  • Value provided to tourists

    Private tour
    An exclusive tour will be conducted according to the travelers wishes. Since there is a guide, you do not have to check the way, nor get lost. Unlike tour groups, you can travel your own way.
    Original tour plan
    The tour plan is made with a variety of themes. We have prepared original plans suitable to travelers’ hobbies, covering major sight-seeing spots to less-known local spots.
    Reasonable price
    Regardless of the number of participants, the tour fee is fixed. Travelers can choose guides that match their own wishes and budgets, experiencing high quality tours for the same or cheaper as group tours.
  • Value provided to tour guides

    Flexible workstyle
    You can be a guide by effectively using your vacant time, according to your lifestyle. You can freely set the guide unity price (1,000yen to 10,000yen per hour) according to your experience and skill.
    Making guide work easier
    The tour plan is created by otomo staff through field research. We also have tools, manuals and training for guides. We are working to make guide work easier and improve the quality of service.
    Improve skills / International exchange
    You can make use of language skills and hobbies, and improve them further through guide work. You have the opportunity to interact with visitors from various countries/regions.
  • Value provided to the community

    Utilisisation of tourism resources
    In order to meet the needs of a wide range of travelers, we create a tour plan that ulitises tourism resources throughout Japan. Through connecting sight-seeing spots, we encourage travelers to discover the region.
    Employment of local residents
    We will employ local residents with foreign linguistic abilities as guides. Even if you have no guide experience, if you have a certain level of foreign langauage abilities you can act as a guide through our service.
    Regional development ecosystem
    Our service utilises tourism resources and talented people in the area as tour plans and guides. We will attract travelers to the area through the tour plan, create opportunities for guide work and consumption in the area, and contribute to the promotion of a regional economy. ”

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our Various Initiatives

  • Referall Program

    If you register to the referall program and introduce our company’s private tour service to overseas friends and acquaintances, the referee will receive tour fee dicounts and the referer will receive rewards according to the number of tours introduced.

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  • Executive Travel

    We can welcome guests (overseas business partners, group companies etc) visiting Japan with our private tour service. We can customise tour plans according to your needs, and by option, various travel arrangements are available.

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