Design Consulting Business “otomo works”

Design Consulting Business
otomo works

In recent years, the number of tourists visiting Japan has increased by an average of 20% annually, expanding the inbound market in Japan. As the market expands, marketing, promotions and business development have become prominent in companies and local governments.To meet the growing needs we offer design and consulting services, prioritising travel, sight-seeing and regional promotion. We aim to use our HR platform and private tour business platform to help solve client problems.

Brand message

Suit Design For You

There are plentiful resources in various locations in Japan.
We want to share that charm and depth with as many people.

We will discuss repeatedly to pursue the ultimate essence.
By creating a natural design that blends into the minds and lives of people, we will attract more people, energize Japan and the rest of the world.

Genuine creativity is sure to reach the world.

Areas to be emphasized

  • Travel and tourism related (travel industry, tourism industry, accomodation business etc.)
  • Regional promotion related (local government, public sector, NGO etc.)
  • Start-up business

Service Information

Consulting service
We provide various solutions at the execution stage, such as project management, as well as support at the planning stage.
  • Strategic planning support
  • Market researchdomestic/overseas
  • Data collection/analysis
  • Simulation/modeling
  • Document creation support
  • Project management
From branding to point of purchase advertising design, we are able to deal with a wide range of requests. We can conduct sales promotion activities as well as consultation activities, if you are not sure what to produce.
  • Brandinglogo, tagline, brand message
  • Stationarybusiness cards, envelopes, novelty
  • Graphicsbrochure, poster, flyer, illustration, character, pop
  • WEB designsite design (PC/SP), coding
  • Video productionpromotion video, video advertisement, photo shoot

Value provided by otomo works

  • Collboration between design and business
    We believe both design and business are essential for client’s needs and tasks. With designer and business consultant collaboration, we solve issues to propose an effective solution combining both design and business.
  • Multilingual
    Along with expanding inbound market, there is an increasing need for multilingual compatability of various products in the travel and tourism industry. We use our multilingual talent base for our private tours, providing tours anytime in languages such as English, Chinese and Korean.

Business Deliveries

  • Portfolio

    We can introduce the design consulting deliveries by otomo works. If you would like to see the deliveries please contact us.